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Neon Diagnostics Ltd are a UK based medical diagnostics company who provide a broad selection of innovative diagnostic tests and systems for the early detection, monitoring and management of diseases.

Our extensive product range encompasses Diabetes, Cardiac, Thyroid, Cancer and Infectious diseases.

Our product portfolio includes:
  • Element™, GlucoLab™ and GluNEO® blood glucose meters for people with diabetes.
  • Clover A1c™ Hba1c Analyser and the Element® Multi Lipid system point-of-care testing devices for use in GP surgeries.
  • SelexON Analyser for hospitals and commercial diagnostic laboratories.
  • The Gene Finder Molecular Diagnostics System featuring state-of-the-art instruments and reagents for life science research.
Neon Diagnostics Ltd offer the NHS a novel approach to providing integrated healthcare solutions which create more opportunities for patients to access optimal healthcare.

We are committed to improving people's health and well-being by providing access to high quality, cost-effective products, which will enable individuals to detect, monitor and manage their medical conditions.

All Neon Diagnostics products meet European regulatory medical device regulatory standards.

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