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Clover A1c™ is a fully automated system for the rapid measurement of haemoglobin A1c.

This standalone unit enables you to make on-the-spot treatment decisions and discuss them with your patients directly, saving time for you and your patients by reducing the need for repeat appointments and follow up.

Using Clover A1c™ in your clinic will help you to meet current NHS clinical guidelines for the management of diabetes.

Features & Benefits:
  • Quick
    Real-time results in 5 minutes.
    No delays for patients.
    Allows immediate feedback.
  • Simple
    Fully automated, results in 3 easy steps.
    Only 4µl blood sample needed.
    Minimal training required.
  • Sure
    IFCC/DCCT dual reporting.
    No interference from haemoglobinopathies.
    Correlation with laboratory methods.
  • Safe
    Self contained test cartridge, no need for separate collection device.
    Pre-filled, no additional reagents.
    Sealed cartridge for safe disposal.

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