Glucose Monitors:
Needles and Lancets:

The Element™ system provides a quick and easy way for patients with diabetes to measure their blood sugar levels.

Features & Benefits:
  • Accuracy (ISO 15197:2015 Compliance)
    Compliant to all three components of the recently published ISO 15197:2015 standards for accuracy with detailed clinical data available.
  • 3 Second Test Time
    Fastest test result on the market.
  • Colour Code Calibration
    Light reflective technology eliminates errors.
  • 0.3 µl Blood Sample
    Smallest sample of blood on the market.
  • 7 Approved Test Sites
    Upper arm, palm, dorsal hand, thigh, forearm, finger tip and calf.
  • 500 Test Memory
    Capable of storing 500 test results.
  • Meal or Activity Recognition
    Designate meals or activates related to each test result.
  • Test Strip Ejector
    Protects against cross contamination.
  • Download Test Results
    Through USB cable to your desktop.
  • Gox Chemistry
    Not affected by presence of non-glucose sugars.

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