Transplantation & HLA Testing:
Sexually Transmitted Disease:
Microbial Infectious Disease:

90 minute detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (TB) and Non-tuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM).
The GeneFinder™ TB & NTM Multiplex Real-time PCR kit is designed to identify TB and NTM simultaneously within 90 minutes. Therefore, appropriate treatment can be given to the patient in time.

  • Multiplex Real-time PCR type.
  • HotStart PCR system: high specificity and sensitivity.
  • Uracil-N-Glycosidase (UNG) system: no carryover contamination.
  • Reliable result by internal/postive/negative control.
  • Easy to use master mix type.
  • CE-IVD / Ministry Food and Drug Safety (Korea) approved.

  • Sputum.
  • Bronchial washing.
  • Bronchoalveolar Lavage (BAL).

  • Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (TB).
  • Non-tuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM).

Compatible instruments:
  • Applied Biosystems 7500 (Life Technologies).
  • CFX 96™ (BIO-RAD).
  • Rotor-Gene®Q 5plex (Qiagen).

Working Process:

Performance Data:

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